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Christ Is King Ministries

Aug 9, 2020

Jesus Christ considered the relationship He has with His people, true Christians, to be far more precious to Him than His earthly relationship with His mother, brothers, and sisters. Think about that!

There Is A King by Zach Loomis, Used With Permission, All Rights...

Aug 2, 2020

The unpardonable sin is dead serious, it’s not forgivable and instantly cuts those who commit it off from the possibility of grace, and they don’t care.

“There Is A King” by Zach Loomis, Used With Permission, All Rights Reserved

Jul 19, 2020

People know instinctively that life should have some sort of meaning, yet so few feel like they have any idea what it is. They live the normal humdrum expected of them and yet really do not know what the point of it all is. God’s people are called into His service, to each one a mission has been assigned, and the only...

Jul 12, 2020

Jesus Christ attracted massive crowds during His earthly ministry, yet many church leaders seem to have no interest in doing the same today. The idea that it is better to remain small, pure, and committed to only each other is absolutely contrary to the way in which Jesus ministered, and yet in church after church that...

Jul 5, 2020

Rejection of the Gospel is a heart issue, not a head issue. There is nothing unreasonable or illogical about the Gospel of Christ and indeed the alternatives are themselves unreasonable and illogical. The problem is not intellectual, it is spiritual.

“There Is A King” by Zach Loomis, Used With Permission, All Rights...