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Christ Is King Ministries

Jan 26, 2019

Christians have access to supernatural insight described in the Epistle of James as "wisdom", and yet so often we needlessly grope around like blind people in the dark.

Join us this week as Gary Fox explains how we plug into the wisdom so desperately needed as we navigate through life!

Music by Zach Loomis, All Rights...

Jan 23, 2019

The Apostle James both encourages and commands us to "Count it all joy..." when we suffer in the midst of the various trials we face in life. Why would he say that? What does that mean and what's the point of it all?

This week Gary Fox shares from James 1:2-4 and explains how God has a glorious plan for our lives, a...

Jan 9, 2019

Did you know James was the first book written in the New Testament?

Join us as Gary Fox dives into an introduction to this amazing epistle written by the little brother of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Music by Zach Loomis, All Rights...