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Christ Is King Ministries

Jun 30, 2019

Whenever there are 5 Sundays in a month we like to take a break from our regular study and introduce bonus content that we pray will be encouraging to you! For this 5th Sunday Bonus we go all the way back to July 8th, 2007 when Gary Fox preached at his first church plant, Southside Christian Fellowship (just outside of Akron, OH).

The Bible is clear, the supernatural realm is real. It is impossible to read God's Word and come away believing it is presenting a naturalistic world. It speaks about God, Satan, Angels, Demons along with other beings referred to as Heavenly Hosts, powers and principalities. While this teaching of the Bible is undeniable, how many of us live our day to day lives keeping these realities in mind? There is a fourth dimension with real beings at work…some good and some evil…and life will not make any sense at all until that is recognized and accounted for.

“There Is A King” by Zach Loomis, Used With Permission, All Rights Reserved