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Christ Is King Ministries

May 12, 2019

The office and role of "teacher" in the Bible is one which is elevated to strict standards, and should never be taken lightly. When a man stands before people and declares to them what is and is not true, he had better be called, educated and gifted to do so because nothing is more vitally important for people than for them to know the truth.

The Apostle James said there should be a limited number of men called upon to teach in the church and he reminds us that we are not doing anyone any favors by pushing people into a teaching ministry wrongly...the judgement they face will be at a higher standard than everyone else.

This week Gary Fox explains why this issue is so important and how churches can identify who is likely called and who is likely not called to teach the Bible.

***There Is A King by Zach Loomis, Used With Permission, All Rights Reserved