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Christ Is King Ministries

Apr 21, 2019

We are quick to either justify or minimalise sin rather than accept the responsibility of guilt. This is exactly how so many of us try to get around the sin of partiality, favoritism, racism and classism. We either try to justify it by saying nature intended for us to stick with our kind or we will say things like, “well, I was just raised this’s just how I feel…”

The Apostle James lays waste to these arguments. He makes it very clear that sectarianism is sin and even if we are perfect in every other way, this sin of partiality makes us transgressors against the whole law. In his series in the Epistle James, Gary Fox explains how we must not only confess sin, we must turn away from it in repentance

***There Is A King by Zach Loomis, used with permission, all rights reserved